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About Mwinda Technologies

Mwinda Technologies was created in 2018 by a group of renewable energy enthusiasts in Houston, Texas, USA. Our company designs clean energy solutions and financing options to address the lack of reliable energy and financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa, starting with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At Mwinda Technologies, we believe that access to energy and financial inclusion are essential for the economic growth of the African continent, and essential for building a cleaner future.

Through technology, we create long-term value by improving the quality of life and increasing the productivity of both our residential and commercial customers.

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Our Process

Whether you choose rooftop solar panels, a battery backup system, or a microgrid, we guarantee the sustainability of your investment by working with you from the planning stages to the execution and maintenance of your residential, commercial, or industrial energy solution. 


1. Pre-installation 

We seat around the table to analyze preliminary information and strategically  plan the execution of your project. 


2. On-Site Consultations & Audit

We visit your site to conduct a feasibility study including an audit and sizing of your precise energy needs. 

3. Design & Installation Estimate

After carefully analyzing the feasibility study, we design a customized solution for your specific needs and present you with a detailed quote. 


4. The Finishing
Touches: Installation & Maintenance

Our expert technicians deliver, install, and test your system to ensure full functionality. 

After the project is executed, our after-sales team monitors the performance of your system and follows-up on all your inquiries

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Our Quality Guarantee

Some of Mwinda Technologies' management team were born in Africa and they personally understand the problems associated with the lack of reliable electricity.


We believe that solving these challenges represent a great opportunity! Our team is very passionate about using technology to have a positive impact and transform lives of millions of people. 

At MWINDA Technologies, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life at home and your productivity in your place of business, by relying on superior quality equipment, proven technical expertise, and a customized after-sales service. 

Regardless of your budget, contact Mwinda Technologies. You will find renewable energy solutions that are very reliable and can be used in many different environments.

At Mwinda Technologies, your satisfaction is our priority!

Improve your home's comfort and your business' productivity!

Tell us about your project today.

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