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Price Benchmarks 

All the prices on this page are estimates based on averages of multiple brands and designs. The usage and installation assumptions will vary depending on your specific site. 


To see some of our installation pictures, please visit the gallery on Our Work page.

Energy Audit

In order to issue a precise quote, our team needs to visit your site to carry out an accurate energy audit. The team will determine the number of solar panels, the size of the battery bank, the power of the inverters, the charge controller, and the amount of wiring that will be needed.


The final sizing will be based on the equipment that will be powered by the renewable energy system and the amount of hours of use per day. 


For more details on our design and sizing processes, please visit the About Us page. 

Mwinda Technologies charges the audit fees below to complete energy audits on your site.

The audit fees will be deducted from the final installation bill.

If you are interested in estimating the potential number of panels and batteries for your site, we invite you to complete the Customer Sizing Form located on our Resources page. 

residential audit


PROMO 20_edited.png

Residential audits are typically completed under 3 hours.

commercial audit


PROMO 30_edited.png

This fee is only applicable to standard commercial sites. For large commercial, industrial or microgrid projects requiring a substantial feasibility study, we will assess a larger fee after preliminary discussions. 

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Standardized Solar Offers

The prices below represent the cost of equipment for solar panels, inverters, batteries and charge controllers.  The prices do not include accessories, wiring and installation fees, which will be determined after our team visits your site and conducts an energy audit.

Background Arrays_edited.jpg

850 VA


5 hours of use: 


      12 light bulbs             1 laptop 
        1 flat screen TV       1 fan 



Background Arrays_edited.jpg

3000 VA


8 hours of use:


     30 light bulbs            2 laptops 
       2 flat screen TV       1 fan 

        1 refrigerator          2 freezers



Background Arrays_edited.jpg

850 VA


5 hours of use:


      12 light bulbs             1 laptop 
        1 flat screen TV       1 fan 

        1 refrigerator



Background Arrays_edited.jpg

5000 VA


8 hours of use:


     30 light bulbs            2 laptop 
       3 flat screen TV        1 fan 

       2 refrigerators         2 freezers



Background Arrays_edited.jpg

1500 VA


7 hours of use:


      20 light bulbs             1 laptop 
        2 flat screen TV        1 fan

         1 refrigerator            1 freezer



Omnivoltaic HOME appliances 2.jpg



up to 10 hours of use


      5-8 light bulbs      1 DC fan 
      1 LED DC TV         1 AM-FM radio



Per month

For rooftop installations, we can offer free after-sales service up to 2 years, depending on the size of your system. 


While the sun is shining, some devices can be used without depleting the batteries and still have enough battery charge to power your site after the sun goes down. It would therefore be possible to charge cell phones and other small devices that are not mentioned above. 

For those of you interested in battery backup systems without PV panels, the prices above will be reduced.


The estimated hours of use listed above are applicable when all the devices are used simultaneously (at the same time) every day. You can significantly increase the number of hours by alternating the use of different devices and light bulbs.

Start enjoying a better quality of life and productivity today. 

Tell us about your project.

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