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Our Solutions

Let us work together to improve your quality of life and productivity at your home, your company or your place of business.

Our renewable energy solutions are designed for residential and commercial applications in rural and urban areas. 


Some of the applications include, but not limited to: 



(TV's, fridge, A/C, lighting, etc.)

Water pumps

Water Pump_edited.png

Nonprofits & Government

Healthcare facilities


Public lighting

Street Lighting_edited.png


Antenna 1_edited.png






Food processing

Water irrigation

Water irrigation_edited.png
Food processing 2_edited.png

Find out more about our solutions

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Solar Panels 

We install solar panels for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our PV systems can be used for offgrid, hybrid or microgrid projects.


Solar Home Systems (SHS)

SHS are simple to install and come with small solar PV panels, Lithium Phosphate storage batteries and small DC appliances. We only distribute equipment that is certified by the World Bank's "Lighting Global" quality standards.

KINKOLE 2-20210318.jpg

Battery Backup

We design battery storage systems to supply your residence or business with electricity when the grid fails. These systems can be a great alternative to using diesel generator.

BEACH 5_20201212_edited.jpg

Maintenance & Repairs

Whether or not we installed your solar or battery backup system, do not hesitate to call us for your technical issues. Our expert technicians will troubleshoot your issue and propose adequate repair solutions.



In collaboration with our partners, we can offer short term supplier credit for solar hybrid or battery backup systems to qualified customers.  Contact us for more information.


In partnership with the ANGAZA platform we allow customers to make small payments towards the ownership of their SHS instead of paying the entire purchase price upfront. By incorporating different telecom carriers, customers can make their payments using digital money on their cellular phones.

Choose the perfect renewable energy solution for your needs. 

Tell us about your project today.

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